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Flag Of The Confederate Army Of The West (Van Dorn Flag)

Van Dorn Battle Flag was used by select Confederate units during the American Civil War. The flag features a red field with a white crescent moon in the canton, including thirteen stars also in white. Additionally, the colors were trimmed with gold cord.

The thirteen stars depicted on the Van Dorn Flag symbolize the states admitted to the Confederacy, including Kentucky and Missouri.

On February 7th, 1862, Confederate Major General Earl Van Dorn ordered all units under his command to use the flag as their respective regimental colors. 

Southern Regiments that carried the Van Dorn Flag as their personal colors included the 4th Missouri Infantry Regiment, 15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, and some of General Van Dorn's units from the Army of Mississippi and East Louisiana as well as Texas.

The Van Dorn Flag is one of the rarest examples of a Battle Flag used during the Civil War—few examples still exist. 

Van Dorn Two

Van Dorn Three

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